DockColor 1.0

Change the color of the Leopard shelf Dock


  • Color picker


  • No brightness and contrast controls

Very good

Apple's new operating system, Leopard, is impressive to say the least. I quite like the new 3D reflective Dock, which puts all your items into perspective. Using DockColor, you can change the color of the Dock really quickly, simply by selecting from the color picker. DockColor also saves your original Dock, to which you can revert any time. DockColor adds a little variety to your Leopard screen and really only takes a few seconds.

One of the only drawbacks is that you can't really customize your Dock's appearance that much. Hopefully future versions of DockColor will include brightness and contrast controls to tweak the appearance of your Dock a bit more. The developer also warns users that using DockColor will alter basic System files, which can cause your Mac to crash. However we did not have any problem when testing out the application.

A simple tool to easily customize your Leopard shelf Dock.

DockColor provides a simple interface to changing the color of the Mac OS X Leopard "shelf" Dock. With a simple color-picker interface, you can change the color of your Dock quickly and easily. DockColor automatically backs up the original files, and you can easily revert back to the original Dock from within DockColor as well.

That said, DockColor does change basic System files. By downloading and using DockColor, you agree that Elgebar Studios or its owner cannot be held responsible for any negative results caused by editing these files. DockColor is not designed maliciously, but accidents do happen.



DockColor 1.0

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